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Proper Strong Lemonade, lightly sparkling – Made with only fresh pressed lemon juice,
Blenheim Palace natural mineral water and a little sugar. This is how lemonade should be made.
It’s Proper Strong by both name and nature and is a completely different product to any other
bottled ‘lemonade’.
With 25% lemon juice (that’s 4 lemons per 330ml bottle, and 10 per 750ml bottle!) it’s a flavour
that lingers in the mouth many minutes after you’ve taken a swig.
Both extremely refreshing and invigorating in equal measure, it’s a taste that you won’t forget.

Our most frequently heard comment by customers? “Wow!”

Made with actual blackberry juice with the addition of fresh pressed lemon juice, this is a really
fruity drink!

The lemon juice gives the drink an ‘edge’ and brings some acidity that you need to give it its
refreshing nature. Slightly sweeter in flavour (but with no more sugar than our Proper Strong
Lemonade), this is a real favourite amongst our customers both young and old.

You can really taste the blackberries in this, it’s a reminder of picking berries from hedgerows at
their best and sweetest.

Hand picked from the hedgerows and fields around Oxfordshire – we thank our friendly farmers
for access to their oft-ignored bounty.

We pick these delicate flowers at their peak – rich and creamy ivory in colour, and very pungent.
The flower heads are steeped in sugar to allow all the flavour to be absorbed, then mix with
Blenheim Palace mineral water and fresh pressed lemon juice and add the sparkles.

We don’t add citric acid, the lemons do that job for us. Nature provides the bounty and we bottle
it just for you. Delicate, fragrant and quintessentially British – perfect for reminding your senses
of what a summer should be all about – no matter what time of the year it is!

This is one for the citrus lovers amongst us!

Taking the signature Proper Strong Lemonade with its 25% lemon juice, and then adding the
extremely powerful lime pulp, this is one that will wake up your taste buds!
Unmistakeable in nature it looks down on other lemon/lime products for what they are –
pretenders to the citrus throne.

If you have a sweet tooth then this one is possibly not going to be an instant hit with you: Strong,
acidic and sharp, you’ll certainly know what you’ve been drinking!

Based on our signature Proper Strong Lemonade with a hint of mint coming through to intrigue
your taste buds!

Completely alcohol free (of course), it’s a reminder of those cocktails originating from the
This one seems to provoke the strongest reaction of all our products. It’s somewhat ‘marmite’ in
nature in that our customer seem to go absolutely crazy for it, or are really not a fan at all.

Thankfully over 95% of our customers are really rather keen – so don’t dilly-dally, give it a go and
you may have your new ‘favourite’ on your hands!