Why Lemonade?

Samuelsons Of Witney was founded in 2010 after the owner, Jonathan Luker, lost his job in the Security/IT industry.

I wasn't going to work for another company, as far as I was concerned I had worked for the best in the industry and didn't want to settle for second best. I decided that a wholesale change was what I wanted.”

I've never forgotten the times as a child when my Aunt Florence made my brother, sister & myself jugs of fresh lemonade on her Aga – I'd never been able to replicate the flavour, even though I must have tasted dozens of 'lemonades' – so I wondered if there was a market for the most authentic lemonade that could be made”

After having brief discussions with his local 'good food farm', it was jump in at the deep end and sink or swim. With only a little money saved for a conservatory and some savings it was going to be tough, but there was a belief that customers would willingly pay a little more for something really special. And special it certainly is.

The ethos used when making our signature Proper Strong Lemonade was, like the ingredients, simple: it must be real, it must be true to the flavour of home-made lemonade, and we must be proud to stand behind it. There could be no second best.

After the successful launch of Proper Strong Lemonade in July 2010, in May 2011 we tried out some new flavours on the unsuspecting public – and after a very positive response we released our four new flavours – Lemon & Lime, Virgin Mojito, Blackberry and Elderflower. 

Why our products are a little bit special

We follow a very simple rule when making our products: If it can't be made in a kitchen at home then we want to avoid making it – real ingredients, real flavour. The taste and the provenance of the products matter to us as much as they do to a Michelin starred chef. We know, because we count Michellin starred chefs amongst both our customers and our fans – and we think that's a good thing!

The company is run day-to-day by Jonathan, with additional assistance from his father, mother & sister and constant support from his wife Hannah and no little encouragement from his young son Samuel, after whom the company is named.   A true family business with ethics in mind.  We're not in this for a quick buck, so we make sure that we make the best possible flavours that you'll remember us by.

'The Boss;

'The Boss;