Mulled Plum Cordial

mulled plum label.png

Perfect for the winter!  Think warm coats and rosy cheeks and you're half-way there.  All the smells and tastes of the season in a warming drink.  It's like Christmas, but without the arguments!

We take plums - British Victoria when we can get them or we grow our own - then add cinnamon, casia, star anise and clove.  No single flavour dominates the flavour so if you're not a fan of any individual spice (like some of us here) then you'll be very surprised how much you'll love this!  Simply add hot water at 6:1 or 7:1 and slip a slice of orange on top for a perfect non-alcoholic mulled wine. 

Also it works wonderfully as a sauce for yoghurts and ice-cream and even for marinading slow-cooked pork in.  We've tried it, so we know it's true!

Orange & Lemon Cordial

Orange & Lemon Cordial.png

Simply the freshest flavours here.  Generally we find that a little clementine and blood-orange juice and zest along with lemon juice and zest bring out the best in this little beauty.  It's amazing how something that you think you know so well, like 'squash', simply disappears when you try this.  It's like fresh orange juice with a lemony note in the background.

Great for drinking hot or cold any time of year this is one store-cupboard staple that you should never be without.

Mulling Plums.png

Honey, Lemon & Ginger Cordial

Honey Lemon & Ginger.png

When we first were asked if we could make this we thought it would never take off.  Oh, how wrong we were!

We simply take honey, fresh pressed lemon juice and then we cold-press the ginger ourselves and blend with a little water so it pours rather than having to spoon it from the bottle!

We can't say for sure, but how can this not do you some good - there'll be 4 or 5 lemons in here at least, and with no added sugar!

It's a little sharper in character, so not for the sweet-toothed among you, but for the lovers out there then there's nothing to compare it to.