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Flavour, but not at any cost

We are proud to be possibly the premium lemonade in the UK.  We started the company out of a desire to recreate the flavour of our youth.  Home made lemonade.  We've followed the same ideals in the Fizz Factory today as we did when the idea was first dreamt up - homemade lemonade, bottled. 

Essentially we aim to create a set of products whose value comes not just from the flavour but also from the way the flavour is created.  Chemists are clever guys, I know a few very well, but we don't want to be chucking chemicals in to everything do we?  Our products are made using ingredients that you can buy at home, and possibly already have at home.

We press our own lemons, we take individual spices and extract the flavours using the same methods you do at home.  Our plums are squished by hand, our limes are hand-cut and squeezed.

We don't use preservatives because we don't have to.  While chemicals are cheap and you can massively increase the volumes you produce and drive down costs - this just isn't us.

We know that there's a market of foodies out there who think the same way we do.  

And do you know what's so great?  You don't have to know any of these things to simply enjoy a bottle and think 'Wow! Now THAT'S real lemonade!'.

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