What goes in to our products?


We take simple products and combine them to make something that is far greater than the sum of their parts.

Our Proper Strong Lemonade for example consists of lemons, water & sugar.  That's all.


The lemons are fresh-pressed, the water is direct from His Grace the Duke of Marlborough's own on-site mineral water - Blenheim Palace Mineral Water, and the sugar. well bluntly the fact that it's simple granulated sugar is perversely unusual.  Most companies use a fructose solution or similar.  We take simple granulated British sugar beet (when available) and dissolve it.  It's home-made, bottled.


We aim to take the best that we can and make it something great, something special.  Something that we're proud of.  That's why we only use fresh-pressed lemon juice.  Because we think lemonade should taste like it's had more than a passing acquaintance with an actual lemon we have a decent slug of juice in it.  If we were to use the vastly more commercial and hugely HUGELY cheaper lemon juices that we could buy from any commercial supplier then, well, it tastes like a sweeter, watered down version of Jiff Lemon.  Not what you're after from a refreshing beverage.