Lab Post #1 - Blueberry & Lemon


Nom Nom.  We love lemons around here, we think the acidity they bring is much better than what you get from citric acid, malic acid etc. because they have a hint of flavour too.  So we've been playing.

Todays playtime:  Blueberries.


Blueberries are a bit rubbish for making drinks from as they don't have much concentrated flavour.


Take 500g of ripe (preferably over-ripe) blueberries and simmer in sugar until they dissolve to a big bag of mush.  Filter the mush out and serve with the turkey & chicken for Christmas Lunch.  That's what we did anyway - far more interesting than cranberries.

Add some fresh pressed lemon juice, water from Blenheim Palace and spritz up with some CO2.

Very nice.  Much much less full-on than our normal products, and a lovely change for us hardcore lemon addicts.  Mild, sweet at first then the blueberries come through.  Lovely.


Actually, we really rather liked it.  So much so that we made 40 bottles or so.  Not a cheap drink to make due to the blueberries, but nevertheless lovely.  Want a bottle?  Add a comment below!

2013-01-29 14.23.45.jpg
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