Lab Post #2 - Lemon Tea

Everyone's heard of Lipton's teas haven't they?  They do tea-bags, but you're more likely to be familiar with their peach or lemon flavoured tea drinks that you can find on the shelves of some chiller cabinets ready to drink.  Unfortunately we've tried them a number of times and we really don't like them.

Today's playtime:  Lemon Tea.


We Brits love a good cuppa.  Here at Samuelsons we also love lemons, so how hard can it be to make a lemon tea that tastes good?  We think it should be pretty easy if it's done our way - real flavour from real ingredients.


Two things are vital to make a good quality cuppa, and the same applies here:  Good quality water and great tea.  Municipal (or 'tap') water makes a really rather rubbish cuppa what with all the chlorine and other things, so we used our Blenheim Palace Mineral Water.  We then got a hold of some Imperium Loose Leaf Tea.

Boil water in a saucepan, place leaf tea inside an infuser and ensure that it's left in long enough for the flavour to come out, but not so long that all the tannins end up in the tea and the more bitter flavours. With a decent loose leaf tea this won't take more than a couple of seconds.  Add some fresh pressed lemon juice, some sugar and leave to cool.


I should have made a LOT more of this!  I really could drink this all day long.  It doesn't taste anything like cold tea, but has the right amount of tea flavour, then the lemon adds a little zip to proceedings and heightens the aromas of the tea - acid and herb in perfect symbiotic harmony.  This is definitely one for the short list of guest flavours that we want to introduce in the future...

Want a bottle?  Add a comment below!

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